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Marie Nicole Thouvard
'Memory and the game of identities:
the case of the French migration to San Rafael, Veracruz.'

Posgrado en antropología

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM, México
Director : Hernán Javier Salas Quintanal

The French migration to San Rafael is an illustrative case of the migratory movements towards Mexico in the 19th century: an agricultural colony authorized by the Mexican government in order to attract Europeans who could participate in its project to modernize the country. Over the years, the colony was the scene of a clear social stratification founded on specific uses of memory on migration and the settlement of settlers. This memory was created along with the population segmentation that led to the construction of identity groups: the French colonists and their descendants; the Mexicans with whom they coexisted during the French colony of San Rafael; and later, the new residents who arrived with the agrarian division in 1990. The general theme has to do with the social relations between these groups and the game of changing identities according to the conjunctures.

Thanks to a broad theoretical framework and complete field work, the following question was answered: how does identity, of French descent or not, established or newcomers, interact with the definition of social relations between the groups present and in the ways of life of each one?