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Virtual seminar Mexico France:
intellectual biography

Coordinador :
Javier Pérez Siller

Since its founding in spring 1997, the Mexico France project has investigated the sense of French presence and influence in Mexican history and culture. To do this, it uses the issue of sensitivity and the perspective of globalization. In an effort to articulate a theoretical balance, the virtual seminar will reflect on the intellectual practices that each researcher has carried out in the construction of their gaze: the ideas, hypotheses and theories that have nourished it, as well as the personal research experiences and dialogue with other intellectuals, through readings or participation in academic activities.

Hora :  10h          Fecha Inicial :  2021-02-08             Fecha Final :   2021-07-07
Sede :

Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

Informes :
Ángeles Vázquez, Posgrado en historia
Tel. 22 22 29 55 00 Ext. 5978

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