Faced with the pandemic: freedom, equality and solidarity.
Success of the México Francia Virtual Seminar!

The Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed “normal” operations around the world. Discovered in China, the virus migrates to five continents without asking permission, taking lives with it. Like any social phenomenon, it wreaks havoc on the most vulnerable, both biologically and economically. As prolonged confinement increases inequalities and accelerates the transition from the “society of discipline” - inspired by machinery technology and confined spaces - to the “society of control” - characterized by the digitisation of life and the multiplication of networks – and it projects us towards new forms of being and being in the world.

What we have experienced over the past two years has prompted many reflections on the need to build responses to the triple crisis facing humanity: climate change, inequality and the pandemic. These phenomena are directly linked to migratory flows – of people, capital, technology, knowledge, models, even biological species, viruses and vaccines – and to the procession of constraints to citizen freedoms imposed by nation-states: confinement, walls, borders or passports… today sanitary.

In this context, the México-Francia virtual seminar, which brings together the project’s associated members – from France, Spain, the United States and Mexico – with the general public, began. Its aim is to take stock of the almost twenty-five years of academic work on Franco-Mexican migration and to begin a reflection on the different historiographic contributions, intellectual practices, constructions of the gaze of each researcher, as well as the new technologies to seek, write and disseminate knowledge, and the necessary dialogue with the reality we live.

Let us wish a fruitful life at the Virtual Seminar!

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México Francia: presencia, influencia, sensibilidad is a research and educational project founded in the spring of 1997. It focuses on the study of the meaning and impact of the French presence in Mexico, from the perspective of globalization. It involves researchers and students from various institutions in Mexico, France and the United States. It features a seminar, organized conferences, published articles, books and supplies, and collaborates with research centers, associations and museums.



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